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what to expect

Expect to feel lighter, brighter and liberated! After working through a space, you will be amazed by how free and unburdened you feel.

Expect no judgment. I am coming to your home purely to help a fellow human.

Expect to be vulnerable. Just contacting me in the first place requires a great deal of vulnerability on your part. Congratulations on asking for help when you need it! Part of the process includes me seeing your possessions (the good, the bad and the ugly!) I have already seen it all! See Expect no judgment above.

Expect to declutter. A large part of getting organized is letting go of redundant, broken and unwanted items. This is the best way to get and stay organized!

Expect me to gently push you to achieve your goals. I may ask you some questions that feel difficult or challenging. Ultimately the decisions are always yours.


Expect a variety of emotions. Going through possessions (and letting go of some of them) may cause feelings like joy, anger, fear, sadness. This is normal and I am there to help guide and ease the process. You can always be open with me about how you're feeling.


Expect some decision fatigue, but I will try to keep things moving in order to make the best use of our time.

Expect the space to get more chaotic before it gets better. 


Expect that we may need to purchase some organizing items. I will do my best to create solutions with what you already have at home, but if its not functioning for you, I will make suggestions. In the meantime, please refrain from buying anything before we do the actual work. We can discuss this further when the time comes.

Expect that your name and the details of our work together will be kept confidential.

I will arrive as scheduled outside of any unforeseen illness or emergency. I understand that life happens and you may also have to cancel at the last minute. However, if you have any sense that you might cancel due to a change of heart, please give me at least 24 hour notice as a courtesy. 

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