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Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Who doesn't love shoes? No one I know! Its so easy to treat ourselves to shoes and after several years we can end up with dozens of pairs, many looking almost identical to others. If your shoes make you happy and they get worn, keep them! But if it feels like they're multiplying and taking over your closet, here is a simple thing you can do...

The Minions

1) Take out ALL of your shoes. Every single one.

2) Separate them into categories by style and get really specific. Divide heels into low, high, strappy, fancy, casual, etc. Divide boots into booties, tall, winter, high heel, flat. The more specific you can get the better. That way you see exactly how much of every type you have.

3) Once everything is categorized, take a good look at each sub-category. Hold up two pairs of black boots that have a similar heel, for example, and ask yourself these questions: Is one fancier than the other? Is one more comfortable? Is there a pair you haven't worn in years? Do you live in a climate where you have a chance to wear them? Can you wear either boot with different outfits or do you need a specific one for particular clothes? Are they similar but still different enough that you absolutely can't live without both? See if there is one (or more) you can let go of. If not, move on to the next sub-category.

4) Put any quality pairs that someone else could still wear into a bag or bin and decide if any of them are worth your time to sell. If not, drop them at a thrift store.

5) Enjoy the shoes you truly love to wear and enjoy having more space in your closet!

My client filled a bin with shoes to give away. Thanks for the memories, girls!

Sometimes it helps to get a second opinion...a neutral opinion. A friend or an organizer has no emotional attachment to her shoes, so we can point out similarities and differences that she may not have thought about. It's something we should all do every few years. Why keep a bunch of shoes you never wear?? And now you have room in your closet for any new beauties that may want to move in ;)

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