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Are you my client?

If you're American and living near Kaiserslautern, you're probably affiliated with the military or government. And if you live in a house or apartment, then you're my client! The people who contact me:

1) are overwhelmed with the state of their home and need guidance to get things in order;

2) have a super organized home but need help with one room or a particular project;

3) don't have time to get organized without help;

4) grew up in a cluttered/disorganized home and need help learning how to manage their things;

6) want to declutter but have difficulty emotionally detaching from their possessions;

7) live with someone else who is disorganized;

8) going through a big life change like new home/new baby/marriage/divorce and need help getting their home in order;

9) PCS-ing in or out of Germany;

10) have moved around many times and have accumulated a lot of excess stuff

These are just some of the reasons my clients contact me and each one is personal and specific to them. Sometimes clients share their reasons with me and sometimes they don't. Either way, we work through the items one by one until progress is made. It's always such a great feeling when my clients start to see a difference and I can feel a shift in their outlook. It's hard work, physically and sometimes emotionally, but totally worth it. The stuff that was once crammed on shelves, in corners, on the floor, and in closets is out and gone. It's so liberating! I highly recommend it :)

Beautiful Rheinland-Pfalz

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