Frequently asked questions

What exactly does a Professional Organizer do?

As a professional organizer I bring my talents, experience and fresh ideas to the spaces you see every single day. I work side-by-side with you to transform a space that feels cluttered or overwhelming into a space that literally makes you feel liberated and lighter. This work needs to be done together because 1) I can't make decisions about your possessions for you and 2) the organizing solutions we create are custom-designed to your needs. My presence there is to guide, advise, challenge, and make suggestions to reach your goals. Getting organized may be something you can do for yourself but for one reason or another it keeps getting put off. Taking the initiative to make an appointment with me holds you accountable and "makes" you to tackle the issue. When its done it feels wonderful!

What can I expect from this process?

Please see the What to Expect page.

Do I have to get rid of a bunch of stuff?

Not necessarily. If your possessions feel like clutter to you, then perhaps you have a lot that you're willing to part with. For others, who are more "maximalist", its simply a matter of organizing the possessions into a system that makes better functional sense. Keep in mind that in many cases visual clutter equals mental clutter. Too many items in a space can subconsciously feel like a weight on your shoulders. Eliminating items is usually part of the process, but the decisions are yours to make. I am here to help guide and navigate the decision-making process.

How long will this take?

That depends on the size of the space, the amount of items we need to organize, and how you make decisions about those items. Some people may want to work as quickly as possible to get the job done. Others might prefer stretching out the appointments over a few weeks. Ideally, our first working session should be three to four hours. That is typically the amount of time it takes to make real progress on an indoor space (not necessarily including garages, attics, or basements).

Is One Organized Expat's house perfect all the time?

That's easy - no! With three young boys who aren't exactly (cough) as giddy about all of the above as I am, it can be difficult to maintain the house just the way I like it, but that's ok because we're a family living in a house. However, behind the scenes, I have systems in place to keep our things organized and to a minimum. Even if sometimes its a mess, the fact that we're organized means clean-up is fast and easy. Staying organized means "getting real" on a regular basis about the items that no longer fit our family. I am constantly reassessing what we have and if it still needs to take up space in our home. Being organized looks different to every individual. Living in a Pinterest-perfect home isn't realistic for daily life. My focus as an organizer is to help you create a space according to your needs and purposes as an individual or family.

Why can't I find a phone number on this website?

The best way to contact me is via e-mail. I check many times a day. With kids coming and going I don't want to receive your call when I can't guarantee that it will be quiet enough to conduct a professional conversation. If you would like to speak over the phone, please leave your number in an e-mail to oneorganizedexpat@gmail.com and I will return your call as promptly (and quietly) as possible.

What if I want to get organized but my partner/spouse/family does not?

For best results, everyone in the house should be on board. No one wants their belongings totally rearranged while they're gone for the day. If you are the only one in the household interested in getting organized its best to start with a space that is your own - your own closet, your sewing stuff, your shelf in the garage, etc. Once your housemates see how wonderful it looks and feels, they may be motivated to get organized as well!

What services do you offer?

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