coming, going, staying...organized!

Professional Organizing serving the
Greater Kaiserslautern Community.

Does walking into your home feel peaceful or stressful?

Do you feel overwhelmed getting settled in after a PCS? 

Does the thought of getting your home organized feel unattainable? 

Whether you're settled here or PCSing in/out I can help you feel the peace and freedom of getting organized. I will work side-by-side with you to find solutions and transform your home into a functioning, enjoyable place to live. E-mail me when you are ready!

Closets - Kitchens - Bathrooms - Playrooms - Storage 

Living Rooms - Bedrooms - Home Offices & more!


"Before Amy came over and organized my kitchen- I was feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff I had on the counters and the disorder in the cabinets. Even when it was "clean" there was still just too much stuff. It made daily cooking even more of a chore. I couldn't find things when I needed them; my children couldn't reach their dishes; I didn't know what I had in my cupboards. Now when I clean up the kitchen- it actually looks clean! It's easy to find what I want. And my kids can reach their dishes-without calling me to help! Amy came up with so many creative ways to bring peace to my kitchen. Things make sense! The only regret I have is not having asked her to come over sooner!" - Clara F.

About me

Hi, I'm Amy and I love organizing! I'm a mom to three boys and wife to a fellow Californian. As a family we've moved seven times in seven years, including from the west to the east coast and then to South Korea. We've loved being settled in Germany since 2015. Besides organizing, my interests include drinking strong coffee in as many countries as possible, long walks, and not cooking. I know the chaos of moving and I also know how good it feels to be settled in and organized. I'm excited to help you find more peace, balance, and sanity-saving solutions in your home! 

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